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The Washington Post reports Republicans in Virginia appear to have outmaneuvered the state’s Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a budget standoff by persuading a Democratic senator to resign his seat. The resignation of Sen. Phillip Puckett, to be announced Monday, would at least temporarily give the Republicans control of the chamber and may doom McAuliffe’s push to expand Medicaid under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Puckett’s resignation paves the way for a job as deputy director of the state’s tobacco commission – and for his daughter to be confirmed for a state judgeship.

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The_DT Washington_NNP Post_NNP reports_VBZ Republicans_NNPS in_IN Virginia_NNP appear_VBP to_TO have_VB outmaneuvered_VBN the_DT state_NN ‘s_POS Democratic_JJ Gov._NNP Terry_NNP McAuliffe_NNP in_IN a_DT budget_NN standoff_NN by_IN persuading_VBG a_DT Democratic_JJ senator_NN to_TO resign_VB his_PRP$ seat_NN ._.
The_DT resignation_NN of_IN Sen._NNP Phillip_NNP Puckett_NNP ,_, to_TO be_VB announced_VBN Monday_NNP ,_, would_MD at_IN least_JJS temporarily_RB give_VB the_DT Republicans_NNPS control_NN of_IN the_DT chamber_NN and_CC may_MD doom_NN McAuliffe_NNP ‘s_POS push_NN to_TO expand_VB Medicaid_NNP under_IN President_NNP Cheap Jerseys from china Barack_NNP Obama_NNP ‘s_POS Affordable_NNP Care_NNP Act_NNP ._.
Puckett_NNP ‘s_POS resignation_NN paves_VBZ the_DT way_NN for_IN a_DT job_NN as_IN deputy_NN director_NN of_IN the_DT state_NN ‘s_POS tobacco_NN commission_NN –_: and_CC for_IN his_PRP$ daughter_NN to_TO be_VB confirmed_VBN for_IN a_DT state_NN judgeship_NN ._.

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